"Evil Dead" by Francesco Francavilla On Sale Info February 22 2016

On Friday 26th February we will be releasing our limited edition licensed artwork for the movie "Evil Dead".

For this piece we worked for the first time with artist Francesco Francavilla.

Approved by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, this piece is a must for any Evil Dead fans!

We have two versions of the print available.



6 colour screenprint

Size 24" x 36"

Printed on 250 grm paper by SP Productions of Brussels

Numbered edition of 220

Price £35

Available here:



7 colour screenprint

Size 24" x 36"

Printed on 250 grm paper by SP Productions of Brussels

Numbered edition of 80

Price £45

Available here:

 Both versions will go on sale at 4pm GMT on Friday 26th February 2016.

"Evil Dead 2" by Graham Humphreys On Sale Info October 29 2015

On Monday 2nd November we will be releasing our second poster by the horror legend that is Graham Humphreys.

This is a licenced screenprint for “Evil Dead 2” the film series that helped bring Graham’s incredible artwork to the attention of movie lovers worldwide.

Approved by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, this poster is the perfect post Halloween purchase!

They will go on sale on or around 5pm GMT.

The print will cost £35 and will be available here

Shipping for multiple items will be automatically combined.


7 colour screenprint

Size 36" x 24"

Printed on 250 grm white paper by SP Productions of Brussels

Edition of 250

Signed & numbered by the artist


Graham also has a fabulous new limited edition book out available to order from Proud Gallery in Camden, London.

They also have an exhibition of 30 years of his incredible work on display through November. If you get a chance to check it out we highly recommend it.



"What We Do in the Shadows" by Graham Humphreys on sale information April 12 2015

On Monday 13th April we will be making the remaining copies of our print for the amazing "What We Do In The Shadows" available through our website.

They will go on sale on or around 6pm GMT.

The print will cost £45 and will be available here:


7 colour screenprint

Size 36" x 24"

Printed on 250 grm white paper by SP Productions of Brussels

Edition of 300

Signed & numbered by the artist

We have some detailed shots of this fantastic print below. 



"Death Had a Heart Once" by Godmachine March 23 2015

Death Had a Heart Once - Godmachine

Silver Bow have teamed up with the artist Godmachine for our second online release

This is what the artist had to say about the piece:

"I did this originally as a study to expand my fear of negative space and simple lines. I often have a tendency to over fill everything with detail, Silver Bow approached me and asked if they could do a small run of them and I'm flattered."

Godmachine's study shows us a style we don't often see from him, bright negative spaces and simplistic lines that appear to take from a more graphic novel theme. This would look great as a centre piece on a wall due to its attention grabbing simplicity.

It is an 18" x 24", 2 colour screenprint and will be available from around 16:00 GMT on Monday 23rd March.

It is an edition of 60 and it will be priced at £20. 

"What We Do in the Shadows" - On sale information March 15 2015

On April 11th we will be holding our inaugural screening at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester square, London.

Tickets will be priced at £30 and are available from our website.

All attendees will receive a copy of the fabulous Graham Humphreys official movie print.

When we first saw this movie it was immediately apparent that we had to do a poster for it. It genuinely is one of the funniest movies we have seen in many years and is a movie that we will be quoting for many years to come!

When we approached Graham about whether he would like to do a poster for it he was very receptive to our advances. He himself is a huge fan of What We Do in the Shadows and was excited to get a chance to illustrate an image for it.


We asked Graham for a blurb on his thought process when creating the poster and he had this to say:

"It is rarely I see a film that I would consider an instant 'classic', but 'What We Do In The Shadows' ticked all the boxes - little black coffin shaped ones. One of the aspects that immediately registered, quite simply the reverence afforded the lore and legacy of the vampire in book and film; despite the contemporary setting, the four 'flatting' friends were still very much immersed in the traditions of their collective past, from their choice of clothing to the colour palettes and objects that filled their rooms. It was this aspect that really drew me in and when given the chance to try and capture the essence of the film within a single frame of the poster gave me the chance to explore this a little further.

My aim was to create a poster that evoked posters of the past, giving each character a colour theme and finding the one expression that could sum up their setting within the narrative. The newly recruited vampire, Nick, is represented as a much smaller character, his life has been too brief to attain the full stature of the other vampires and it occurred to me that his novice status could be well represented by the bat wings, half formed. The shared house added enough of the setting without disturbing the integrity of the effect and the distressed edging completed the illusion of age. The smaller vignettes at each lower corner help sustain the vampire theme, both in the drinking of blood and the inevitable staking.

My only hope is that I have been as reverential in my interpretation as the filmmakers in their craft And somewhere within all of this I have painted an image within which both Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing might have sat comfortably!"

Tickets go on sale on Monday 16th March around 18:00 GMT and cost £30 each. 

Doors open at 15:00 and film starts at 15:20.

All remaining posters from the screening will be made available from the gallery website at around 6pm GMT on Monday 13th April.

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